Born in Milan, in 1964 Simona studied Illustration at IED, Europe Institute of Design, after which she specialize in edition and children books.

She worked  as a free-lancer for several years, alternating her illustrations with murals and trompe l’oeil commission works.

It was in New York in 1995, where she decided to focus on her personal creative process and becoming an artist full time.
During that period she was joining few Group Exhibitions in Milan.

Simona moved to Ibiza  in 1997, where she is currently living. working directly  with private collectors, and does  annual exhibitions in the summer season.

She also had long collaboration with a Swiss “Galerie Ellen Richard” which  allow her market to open  beyond Spain.

Enjoys working with others artists she used to participated in Duo and Group exhibitions In Europe, USA, and China.

Having studied Classical Art Simona finds it easy to connect with Middle Age and Renaissance iconography, often  blended with Asiatic symbology and concepts.

Her interest in travelling to remote culture,  in Buddhism and its philosophy is reflected in Simona’s art.

Her art takes us into a dream universe in which she manages to create an effect of dissolution of the material world,  trough her skillful use of techniques, material, textures and pigments.

She create images that seems to emanate from primordial depths, inspired by Asian motifs mixed with her constant interest in representing the human body in  its beauty and  its connection with nature, a nature re-invented as an inner paradise.